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Hats are trendy and are since ages an essential fashion accessories, it will definitly spice up your look and refined your style. On our website you can choose from a different range of shapes and materials. Our professionals have select the finest products form selected brands such as Stetson, Bailey Of Hollywood, Brixton, Goorin Brothers,Laulhère. You will also find a special range of hats made in Italy and French Béret made in the south west of France.
You will get a large choice of other accessories such as bags, belts and scarves, here again the best designer and brands have been selected to offer a great quality collection.
Surf the site and follow the advises to find your perfect hats. Enjoy the ride....

Guide, Tips

All about hats!
a little thing, a lot of style
brims and crowns
wool felt, straw and leather
Guide, Tips Hats
All about caps!
a bit of material, a lot of protection
panels and brims
herringbone, hound's-tooth
Guide, Tips Caps

All about beanies!
a bit of wool, a lot of style
stitches and pompoms
colors, patterns
Guide, Tips Beanies
Scarves & Gloves
All about scarves!
a bit of material, a lot of elegance
colors and patterns
stitches, silk and cotton
Guide, Tips Scarves & Gloves

Bags & Wallets
All about bags and wallets!
one container, a lot of space
leather and materail
straps, pockets and cogs
Guide, Tips Bags & Wallets
All about belts!
a detail, a lot of importance
leather and buckles
holes and holes
Guide, Tips Belts

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