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Spring Summer 2024 trends

Whether it's all about softness with light shades or bursting with vibrant colors, Summer 2024 definitively moves us away from the dark hues typical of winter and takes us towards sunny tones.

A Vitamin-Infused Summer

Summer adorns itself in its finest colors with an explosion of bright hues, for a bold and vibrant fashion. Orange and yellow, symbols of energy and light, dominate this playful palette, appearing on key pieces or in total looks for the daring.

An Invitation to Mix, Match, and Dare with Colors

This season, color block and monochrome reinvent themselves in ultra-matte or glossy versions, offering a surprising play of textures between glossy shine and matte finishes. The bold contrasts of colors promise dynamic and remarkable silhouettes. A vitamin-infused summer is an invitation to mix, match, and dare with colors for a decidedly optimistic and dazzling summer.

Natural Hues and Materials

The "natural" trend celebrates the harmony between sophistication and authenticity. Dominated by shades of beige and white, it embodies a chic aesthetic adaptable to all styles.

Play of Textures and Materials

This palette creates a warm atmosphere, enriched by the versatility of designers who blend different textures and materials for a coherent result. The focus is on noble and ecological materials like straw, raffia, and linen, ideal for the warm season. The trend is marked by design elements such as transparency, lace, cordage, braiding, and floral patterns, adding a touch of romanticism. The flexibility and lightness of the clothing also celebrate traditional craftsmanship, highlighting a return to basics and essentials, while maintaining a modern and elegant look.

A Digital Garden Atmosphere

A true symphony of blue, purple, and red, this trend is inspired by the wonders of nature and the infinite possibilities offered by digital technology. Floral patterns, textures reminiscent of marine plants and sunsets offer a vibrant tribute to the beauty of nature. The use of iridescent effects and reflections introduces an almost magical dimension, a foot in a world where technology enhances natural beauty.

Between Dream and Reality, Nature and Artifice

It is also a matter of materials and techniques. The textures evoke an almost aquatic fluidity, while the flowing effect and the 3D dimension show how digital tools can transform fabric into a canvas for unprecedented visual experiences. These techniques bring to life pieces that blur the line between dream and reality, between nature and artifice.

Tailored fit, short Brim

As if to counterbalance the increasingly colorful and patterned models, we are simultaneously witnessing a resurgence of more discreet cuts, with caps that fit snugly and hats that are less bulky. They can be worn slightly towards the back of the head, making them even less visible.

Short-Brimmed Hats and Tailored Caps: Small is Beautiful

On the hat side, trilbys and porkpies are popular. For caps, a duckbill style is chosen. However, be cautious, these "small" models may not suit round or square faces as well. If you have chubby cheeks or an angular jaw, it's better to stick with more ample shapes. It's wiser to choose the hat that suits us rather than blindly following all fashion dictates.


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