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Warmth and Simplicity

Cuff beanie

Ineluctably une of the biggest trends of last summers, the cuff beanie holds an unquestionable seat within the category of basic headgear.
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Basic and inescapable

Besides the fact that it warms better the ears by multiplying the layers, the cuff of the beanie also ensures a good hold. We love wearing it more or less sunk, or even towards the back of the crane, depending the conditions or the desired style.
In certain cases, it can unfold to adjust the protection to the neck and the contour of the face. So much possibilities then which often unite in a single piece.

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Timeless and relentless

The cuff beanie makes its strongest comeback into the trend through that style movement consisting of repositionning the chic into casualness. This is the case when it takes center stage on a suit, for instance. Indispensable, it is mostly worn outdoors, but also inside to complete the protection of those who are more sensitive to the cold or to overcome a defective heating system. Cuff beanie's popularity is not new. And it is such that its look even invades the summer. We will of course appreciate it through a more lightweight and breathable fabric such as linen, cotton, etc. The craze for the cuff beanie is unique for this ancient accessory. Useful for every look and within all work activities and leisure environment, the beanie diversifies itself, gets dressed with modern, exotic or historic patterns, renews itself and appropriates the trend to satisfy its user.

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