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Indiana Jones' hat, The Traveller

Many of you ogle this iconic headgear of the cinema world. Admit it, gentlemen. Have you never secretly dreamt of looking like Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones"?!

Failing to live the hectic adventures, you'll at least be able to adopt his style! And we're sure you can't wait to know the origin of this famous hat...

The hat worn by the famous archeologist is what is called a "Traveller".

For the movie needs, it was the English millinery Herbert Johnson Ltd which took in charge the making of Harrison Ford's hat. Since the release of the first film of the saga, the charismatic actor has made the headgear a mythical and inescapable model, now known as "Indiana Jones' Hat".

True style accessory, it is ultra useful thanks to its wide brims which protect you from the sun beside insulating you from the heat. It'll be the best ally on your trips, your excursions and your walks through the forest.

But you're surely wondering how to recognize a Traveller hat.

Its first characteristic is that it is composed of a soft felt from wool of rabbitbeaver or hare fur. It is in fact a Fedora hat with large brims and evenly lowered all around. That in order to protect you the front and the back from the bad weather and from the sun rays.

And the thinner the felt (rabbit/beaver fur), the better the quality and the more you'll be able to face the heat.

Most of the time, Traveller hats are designed to withstand adventures and are therefore flexible, foldable and waterproof. However, some are rigid and don't like to be rolled too much. To be sure and not risk to spoil your future headdress, turn it. If you see mentioned "crushable and water-repellent", then no doubt. If you see nothing, take great care of it!
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